Summer Tartines

DSC_1094These little treasures, originally inspired by the lovely Marche Artisan Foods in East Nashville, are so delightful and fun to create. They are a breakfast/brunch menu item, but really, they could be enjoyed at any hour of the day. By definition, a Tartine is: “a fancy French open-faced sandwich topped with spreadable ingredients”, and the original French word Tartine is simply, “a slice of bread”. Simply put, you can’t break the rules of making Tartines, because there are no rules!! 

They are stunning and flavorful, effortless yet simple. Our favorite this season is a Peach, Honey, Mascarpone & Basil Tartine!

Here is our Tartine Construction Chart:

a crunchy loaf of bread– sliced and lightly toasted


some creamy cheese of your liking (ricotta, cream cheese, mascarpone, goat cheese, etc.)


a few pieces of seasonal fruit (summer: peaches, berries, etc. /fall & winter: pears, perhaps) cleaned, and sliced.


drizzles and sprinkles of flavors you like (herbs, spices, honey, a balsamic reduction, whatever flavors make your mouth sing)


Your custom, seasonal tartine!




our sampling- ricotta vs. mascarpone


The photos of our tartine breakfast on the porch were all pretty hilarious: either honey finger-licking, awkward crusty toast chewing, or possessive glaring between siblings- as they were dividing up the samples.

Like Avocado Toast , add this to your list of simple, lovely, tasty any-time treats!

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