In August, 2010, with excitement and trepidation, we started a little blog, Cup-a Cup-a, because I was longing for a creative outlet.

This is what I wrote in my first post:
I am the least likely person I know to pursue a technological way of communicating thoughts, ideas and passions, as I am the girl who prefers to sit across the table with a muffin to swap ideas and would rather use a pen and paper to correspond. On the other hand, I am always trying some yummy dish that I want to share with others or finding a flea market treasure that I want to pass along. So with my wonderful husband’s technical skills and encouragement, I felt the courage to give it a try!
So here I am. Terrified and elated, brain busting with all of the “posts” that are backlogged in my mind from the past decade. What have I got to lose? It might even be fun!