A Delicious Birthday Surprise

Too bad this isn’t a scratch and sniff photo

My amazing husband surprised me today with a birthday cake that he made! Not only a birthday cake- but a made-from-scratch Sour Cream Pound Cake with Caramel Icing.  He said he went onto Cup-A Cup-A and printed off the recipe and went for it!  Can you believe this guy?  How I wish I could clone him and share him with all of my not-yet-married-friends; or at least help Dave start a training program (boot camp if you will) for men to attend to learn how to be this stellar of a guy.

On my way home from work, Dave encouraged me to take my time, to run an errand, or get a cup of coffee for some birthday fun. I decided to go to 2 of my favorite stores-Pangea (an eclectic boutique nearby) and Goodwill.  I couldn’t bring myself to purchasing any of the items I admired at Pangea on my birthday.  It just felt weird to buy myself gifts on my day.  So I went to Goodwill. I had no guilt buying other people’s old junk, and as the ad says, “when you shop at Goodwill, you give someone an opportunity”.  And by all means, I want to give people opportunities!
When I left Goodwill, with a few found treasures in hand, I came out to find snow pouring down!  I carefully drove home.  When I arrived, I stepped inside and, much to my surprise, immediately smelled the glorious aroma of buttery baked goods.  I walked down the hall expecting to see cookies that Dave must have had a craving for.  But instead when I got to the kitchen I saw the beautiful caramel iced pound cake placed on top of our glass cake plate. I was astounded!  Happy Birthday to Me!

Dave said, “it just didn’t seem right that you didn’t have a birthday cake on your day”, since I make many many birthday cakes throughout the year for those I love.  In fact, that morning, Lainey (my 6 year old) came downstairs and asked, “Where’s your cake?  It’s your birthday!”  I told her that I am the resident cake baker here and I didn’t make myself a cake.  Dave sure took care of that!

I typically am not a fan of surprises.  Some might call this “a control issue”.  I disagree. I just really love the anticipation as well as the event.  I love thinking about, dreaming about and enjoying treats, events and celebrations.  I also am analytical and inquisitive enough that surprises are not that fun for the giver as I try to solve the mystery.  Dave learned this the hard way, when about 10 years ago he and some friends planned a surprise party for me. It wasn’t the best.  However- a very amazing, lovely cake, with complicated frosting that he had never made before- now that’s a different story.  This was a surprise I adored!
it took 8 hands to put all 39 of those candles on my cake
We were going to go out to eat for a family birthday dinner, but the snow came and the roads were insane.  So, we decided to see what we had in the kitchen and pull together dinner, since the cake was really the Main Dish!
our spontaneous dinner cooking

 (If it had just been me, I would have had a sliced crisp apple and a hunk of Cake with a cup of coffee for dinner.)

[This cake was first posted in August from the Celebration of Daves.  The cake stands alone without icing quite beautifully.  In the summer I serve it with fresh fruit and whipped cream.

I included the frosting recipe on the original post because it is so yummy with this cake.]

I am writing a post on Pasta for Valentine’s but I just had to let you know about what was on my cake plate today!

7 thoughts on “A Delicious Birthday Surprise

  1. Leigh says:

    Dave should definitely hold a training camp! What a wonderful gift to you. Happy birthday, Julie! I feel a kinship with you as my birthday festivities were impacted by the snow last month. Here's to Plan B!


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