Cheese Grits

I remember the first weeks of college, having such fun getting to know great people from all over the country.  Friends on my hall were from Chicago, Colorado, California, Michigan, rural Tennessee, and New Jersey.  Being in Tennessee, my home-state, for college I had the opportunity to be part of introducing friends to some southern … Continue reading Cheese Grits

Bowl of Goodness: Roasted Veggies Over Rice

Sometimes simple really is best!  No need for a fancy marinade or complex procedures...just some good seasonal vegetables, roasted, with some brown rice and you have a colorful, flavorful, healthy meal! Roasted Veggies.  They are just so versatile, beautiful, simple, tasty and healthy!  I love to roast a pan of summer vegetables.  I almost always … Continue reading Bowl of Goodness: Roasted Veggies Over Rice