Instant Pot Steel Cut Oatmeal

It’s getting colder and since we are trying to find ways to gather outside when hanging out with people, I am starting to think brunch and lunch are better options than dinner because it is getting dark and cold in Nashville by 5. This oatmeal is great for your household on any day, but can also be a nice, simple breakfast for a small gathering.

I have written a couple of posts about oatmeal on this blog, so I hesitated to write another, but after my friends Lynn and Melinda came for our prayer group and we had these oats, they asked if the recipe was on the blog, I thought it was worth posting. (I wrote about my love for Oatmeal here and then years later added this recipe for Alton Brown’s Creamy Steel Cut Oats, which is a more complex recipe but delicious. )

Two Christmases ago my mom gave us an Instant Pot. She was having such fun with hers that she thought my sister and I should have them also! I was intimidated by the complexity and newness of it, but interested and intrigued as I had heard such great things about them. While I still have far to go in learning all the methods and tricks of it, I have consistently used it to make big batches of Steel Cut Oats. It’s pretty incredible how simple and quick they are to make.

(If you don’t have an Instant Pot, and want one, the holidays are a good time to look for them, as they are usually on sale around now!)

A simple but important tip in serving buffet style is to put the napkins and flatware at the end of the line. Oftentimes people place it at the start by the plates or bowls, but then you have to juggle them in your hands as you move through. My smart mom taught me this!

Instant Pot Steel Cut Oatmeal

(I usually double the recipe)

1 cup steel cut oats

3 cups water (or almond milk, or cow’s milk, or any milk alternative)

a splash of vanilla

a few spoons full of flaxseed

Place all ingredients in instant pot container. Close lid and set pot at HIGH pressure, 4 minutes, with Sealed vent valve. (It takes a few minutes to heat up and then the 4 minutes of cooking.) After it counts down from 4, it begins to count up as it releases steam.

Natural release (meaning don’t touch the valve as it will release gradually) for 15-20 minutes. Flip to vent and release remaining steam.

Open and stir. Top with any ingredients you like! These can range from very health- fruit, seeds, and nuts to sweet and decadent brown sugar and chocolate chips!

I usually double the recipe so that we can enjoy them that day and then jar the leftovers to put in the refrigerator for an even-speedier breakfast other days of the week. When reheating them, spoon some prepared oats in a bowl and top with some milk, put in the microwave for a couple of minutes to heat. The milk loosens them up- add as much as you prefer (and of course, you can use milk-alternatives).

This is an affordable, versatile, healthy and easy way to make a breakfast for your household or a couple of friends during these days of needing connection but also needing to get creative in meeting people outside if possible!

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