Banana Bread (Cream Cheese) Sandwiches

Banana bread sandwiches (cream cheese smeared in between two slices of banana bread) have been the answer to a lot of questions for me lately.

Q:What should I do with these spotty bananas? I just bought them a few days ago, but evidently people weren’t into them this week and I don’t want to waste them.
A: Banana Bread Sandwiches
Q: What should I make for a goody to take to church Sunday morning…something that I can make the night before?
A: Banana Bread Sandwiches
Q:What should I serve at a brunch I’m hosting that will be pretty and a little different but universally liked?
A: Banana Bread Sandwiches
Q: Our office is having a mid-morning meeting and we were asked to bring snack foods– what should I contribute? 
A: Banana Bread Sandwiches
I made them again this week.  Y’all, they are yummy. And the answer to so many questions!  (If only they could answer some of the bigger, tougher questions that I’m grappling with in my life! But let’s be realistic here. You know how I like to be pragmatic.) I won’t get into those bigger questions at this time, in this space… so here’s the recipe:
 1/2   cup (1 stick)  butter, softened OR 1/2 cup coconut oil
 1      cup  sugar
 2      eggs
 2      cups  flour (I use a mix of whole wheat or multi grain pastry flour, and all purpose)
 1      tsp. baking soda
1/8    tsp. salt
 1      tsp. vanilla extract
 1/2   tsp. grated lemon peel
 3      ripe bananas, mashed (with a fork)
optional mix ins:  3
1/2   cup of chopped pecans, raisins, chocolate chips, chopped apricots,  or sweetened coconut 
Cream butter and sugar.  
Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each.  
Combine flour, soda, and salt; add to creamed mixture.  Fold in remaining ingredients.  Pour into small loaf pans that have been greased or lined. (If you have added mix-ins put a clue on top- sprinkle a few chips, nuts, coconut or slice of an apricot, so people will know what they are getting.) 
Bake at 325 degrees for 20 minutes or more, depending on the size of your pans.  You can also make one large loaf. Test with toothpick for doneness.  Allow them to cool for a few minutes in the pan and then using a knife, gently pull it from the edges.  Then remove from pan. 
 (This pan is so nifty.  It makes 8 mini loaves all at the same time.  It is easy to pop in and out of the oven- being in one pan.  HERE’s a link to get one for yourself.)
To make the sandwiches– 
Use softened cream cheese (from a tub or a block)
If you want them sweeter, you can add confectioner’s sugar to taste, OR you can just use the cream cheese as is. 
Slice the bread very thinly- since they will be eating 2 slices at the same time for the sandwich.
Gently spread cream cheese on the bread and place pieces together.  
If you already have a banana bread recipe that you are married to, but have never tried slicing pieces thinly and spreading cream cheese between, you should give it a try.
If you haven’t already committed life-long to a banana bread recipe, you should give my mom’s recipe a try.  It is just so consistently delicious.  
I was making it last week for church and realized I was out of butter (a terrible moment in my kitchen).  I had just made dinner for some friends  which included quick sour cream biscuits and oatmeal raspberry bars, so I had used up all the remaining sticks of butter the night before, without realizing it.  I didn’t have the time or the will to pack up the kids and go to the grocery early Sunday morning.  So I decided to try using Coconut Oil.  It was my first time to try it in this recipe.  It worked beautifully.  I might just switch!  It made the bread a little richer, with a hint of coconut flavor, and a little more crusty on the top. 
And remember you can always freeze bananas that are looking too ripe to eat.  If you don’t have time to make banana bread that very day.  Make sure you peel them first and put them in ziplock bags.  You can put 3 in a bag, and you’ll have what you need to make a batch.  Just thaw them when you are ready to use.  They look gross and slimy but they work great.  
Also, this bread can be baked and frozen to keep on hand, or just to prepare ahead of time for an event.  (I recommend you wait to slice and make into sandwiches until thawed.)  
So, for some questions you are asking this recipe might be the answer you are seeking.  For the rest of the questions I recommend you look to Google, your mom (or dear friend), or The Bible.  I have found that most other answers are found there.

4 thoughts on “Banana Bread (Cream Cheese) Sandwiches

  1. abbey says:

    We made these today. So good! We also agreed your recipe is better than the one I was using. I like ones that use up several bananas and don't require yogurt or buttermilk. Perfect! So, thanks!! 🙂


  2. Jennifer H. says:

    First – I laughed because I have always made banana bread with cinnamon, but I remember you saying that you disliked how people just add cinnamon to everything. As I was comparing our banana bread recipes, I thought, “Of course hers doesn't have cinnamon!” 🙂

    Secondly, I always freeze my overripe bananas still peeled. I just set them on a plate to defrost and then squeeze the banana out the end. Like you said, “gross and slimy, but they work great!” 🙂


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