Last Summer Hurrah


I wanted to hurry up and post this recipe for marinated cucumbers and tomatoes before Labor Day!  It seems like I should be moving on from summer fare to autumn treats… it is September after all!   However,  it’s hot around here and the tomato and cucumber harvest is still plentiful! I have made this salad this summer but haven’t had a chance to write about it.

I went back and forth about whether or not to post this now or save it for next summer.  (I have about 4 other posts I’m currently working on of goodies I have baked lately – which makes it hard to choose).
But as I talked to my friend, Nanette, she encouraged me that if I hurry up and post it this weekend, before Labor Day, then I should be safe.  If you grew up knowing etiquette, you will know what she is referencing.  There is an imaginary cut off of all things summer on Labor Day: white pants and white shoes especially!  This is the weekend where we are to switch out our white for dark in our closets. Neighborhood pools start to close and Halloween costumes invade the aisles at Target.  

So, I quickly post this fresh and easy salad which is a classic southern dish.  My grandmother Adcox used to make it and serve it in little brown bowls at her dinner table.  I love it.  I think it’s the vinegar/ sugar/salt combination.  All things I love.  Do you like salt and vinegar potato chips? YUM!  – especially Kettle ones – even though I usually end up with sores in my mouth after eating them!
This reminds me of that flavor, except on veggies instead of potato chips.

This salad is refreshing and is great because you put it together and then refrigerate it.  It keeps well for several days, so you can just pull it out and serve it up with your meal.  It tastes better Day 2 and keeps until the veggies start to wilt.

Marinated Cucumber Salad
2 tsp salt
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 cup water
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar

2 large cucumbers
1 cup grape tomatoes
1/2 cup onion

Stir together first 4 ingredients until sugar and salt are dissolved.

Thinly slice cucumbers and half tomatoes. Thinly slice onion. Add vegetables to marinade and toss together.

Cover and refrigerate.

(You can also experiment with different combinations of veggies, if you would rather.)

So, hurry and and savor your favorite foods of the summer season, go swim at the pool before it closes and wear those white pants one last time!


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