Pumpkins, Sombreros and Skulls

I have been so excited that the week is approaching to get to post about Sugar Cookies.  These “Timeless Sugar Cookies” are one of my favorite and most loved recipes from my mom. When I started this blog, I strategized about when it would make the most sense to write about them.  Halloween is the first holiday to come since I started Cup-A Cup-A and I always make pumpkin shaped cookies for this holiday, so I thought it was fitting to get to share the recipe for this occasion.

Last week when I saw that my kids were having class parties at school, I signed up to bring cookies for Asher’s 3rd grade class.  I thought it would be fun to share some of these with his friends and get a jump start on the baking for the weekend!

I somehow missed the line in the info email that the theme of their “fall party” this year in his class is going to be the Day of the Dead- Dia de Los Muertos (which is the Mexican holiday honoring those who have died.  The traditions connected with the holiday include building private altars honoring the deceased).  My kids go to a Spanish Immersion School so they use holidays as a chance to learn about the various Latino cultures and customs.  Which I appreciate and honor. But. Really? Let me show you the images that are associated with this holiday. These are the cutest, least scary and most colorful of the 100 images I sifted through related to the Day of the Dead.


I was looking forward to sending sweet pumpkin shaped cookies with pretty orange colored glaze but instead I am going to make skulls? I told Dave that I don’t think I can do it:  make yummy, time-consuming, spooky skulls for kids to eat…that is weird and gross!  He said he thinks the kids will think they are cool, and delicious (he’s probably right).

So, I just wanted to warn you that that is what is in the works here in my kitchen.  The party is Friday and Halloween is Sunday so by the end of the weekend I will have some photos and stories and a recipe for you.  I am thinking Sombreros and Skulls (eek) for Friday and Pretty Pumpkins for Sunday.  Unless you have a better idea. If so, bring it!
(Here are a couple of photos of times when these sugar cookies have been part of our celebrations.  There are many more but we can’t yet locate those photos to post).
A bouquet of flowers at a ladybug picnic
Bowling Pin Cookies to accompany the bowling ball birthday cake at the bowling alley birthday

7 thoughts on “Pumpkins, Sombreros and Skulls

  1. John and Allie Fields says:

    I have seen Day of the Dead fabric as well as the print on PJs for toddlers! I think it's kind of pretty-maybe it's all of the colors.

    I love the sugar cookies! You could even do the swirls in black then string it out a bit with a toothpick to look like spider webs.

    Cannot wait to see those skull cookies!!!!


  2. CHERYL says:

    I have fond memories of you and Jennifer helping your mom make sugar cookies with her first grade Sunday School children. “Miss Elaine” sugar cookies remain my all-time favorite cookie. CHERYL


  3. Julie Hunt says:

    I love your thoughts and ideas- I'm thinking the colorful “masks” of skulls are cuter than just white boney ones. Good idea. I baked the cookies and tonight I will ice them! I will post soon!


  4. Alison Downs says:

    Julie, I love your blog. It brings back so many memories. I still make your sugar cookies with friends during the holidays. I remember the apple cake and the homemade tomato soup. I'm even letting myself enjoy all of these things now! Blessings!


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