Sick Days: Soup, Vicks, Emergen-C and TLC

We have had a week of sickness around the Hunt house. Strangely, it has spanned the gamut from a migraine headache mom; to a stomach-nastiness-turned dry-coughing-at-night and runny-nose-in-the day girl; to a coughing-hacking-sniffling boy... and in my mind is swirling, "the nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, fever..." NyQuil's classic ad. So, the comfort … Continue reading Sick Days: Soup, Vicks, Emergen-C and TLC

Chili Nights

    It has been chilly here this week, which means it’s time for some Chili!  I like chili, especially when it is topped with sour cream and served with chips,  grilled cheese or cornbread.  There are many opinions about what makes chili, well... chili.  And some people passionately defend their definition of chili as the way it is meant to … Continue reading Chili Nights