Chicken Bryan A.K.A. a party in your mouth

At the beginning of my blogging adventure, two years ago, I wrote about a tradition of ours called “The Celebration of Daves“. It’s a celebration meal honoring Dave Hunt and David Thomas – two incredible, food-loving men, prepared by their food-loving, food-preparing wives.  This tradition has stood the test of time.  (We think it’s been about … Continue reading Chicken Bryan A.K.A. a party in your mouth

Lots of Loaves (#1 Must-Make Loaf: Earl Grey Yogurt Cake)

Since the very start of quarantine, loaves have been a dominant theme of my baking. One day, after repeatedly making this newfound Earl Grey Yogurt Loaf Cake, and tweaking a Banana Bran Bread recipe, and baking many many versions of artisan crusty bread, and my favorite cinnamon raisin bread, one of my kids said, “Wow, … Continue reading Lots of Loaves (#1 Must-Make Loaf: Earl Grey Yogurt Cake)

Summer Tartines

These little treasures, originally inspired by the lovely Marche Artisan Foods in East Nashville, are so delightful and fun to create. They are a breakfast/brunch menu item, but really, they could be enjoyed at any hour of the day. By definition, a Tartine is: “a fancy French open-faced sandwich topped with spreadable ingredients”, and the … Continue reading Summer Tartines

Chicken Salad

  Chicken Salad is a personal thing.  I think there are as many recipes for chicken salad as there are personalities. They range from savory, to nutty and fruity, to pickle-y, to curried, to sweet, to smooth, to chunky… you get my point.  My favorite bought Chicken Salad is from Bread and Company.  They actually … Continue reading Chicken Salad